Keep These In Your Rig To Help Move Your Semi

Semi trucks require special heavy-duty towing services when on their sides or completely broken down. However, if you're driving into an area with lots of snow and ice, you have some options for keeping your truck moving on your own. There are ways to add traction so that you either don't get stuck or you get a chance to move yourself out of that literal rut. These do require preparation, though, so get these items and keep them with you if you don't already have them.

Shovel and Pick

Sometimes snow plows can do only so much. They can get most of the snow on the road, but in an area with very heavy snowfall, you'll have to deal with new drifts. If you run into an unexpectedly thick bank of snow, a shovel may be your only way through. Of course, if it's snowing hard again, get off the road and wait it out. But if the plow just didn't get everything on the road, that shovel can quickly free up the lane. A pick is handy if you encounter a small drift of hard-packed snow, or ice-covered snow.

Again, if road conditions are too dangerous, forget the shovel and pull over. Call a towing service once the storm is over if you find yourself truly stuck.

Tire Chains

Tire chains are a necessity in many areas, so if you're expanding from just southern routes to more northerly ones, get chains for each tire. These are similar to tire chains for regular car tires, only much larger. They'll help you keep moving in otherwise slippery conditions.

Traction Mats

If you find yourself stuck with wheels spinning, you can either call a heavy-duty towing service, or you can try using traction mats placed right by your tires. Sometimes those provide enough grip to get you out of that tough spot. Many of them fold up for simple storage, too, so you don't have to worry about taking up precious storage space in the cab or sleeper compartment.

Sometimes everything you try doesn't work, though, and calling a heavy-duty towing service is the best option. These services offer quick help, and many have started providing real-time maps that show how long you have to go before the tow truck shows up. To really keep moving, keep those handy tools in your truck along with a towing service's number.

For more information, talk with a tow truck company, like River's Truck Center.

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