Have You Switched To Using Ethanol-Free Gas Yet? Try It Today And Enjoy The Benefits

Does your vehicle, lawnmower, leaf blower, or any other machine run on an ethanol-gasoline blend? If it does, there's something you should know that this type of fuel is unfit for use, especially in smaller engines. Although ethanol-infused gasoline has lower emissions, ethanol can lead to a vapor block in the carburetor because it causes gasoline vapor pressure to increase. Moreover, ethanol damages seals and undermines the lifespan of components like the engine. These are just but a few reasons why you should switch to using ethanol-free gas. Keep reading and learn more about this fuel.

What is Ethanol-Free Gas?

Ethanol-free gas, otherwise known as pure oil, is a better alternative to ethanol-mixed fuel. Nowadays, most gas stations sell ethanol-gasoline blends such as E10, E15, and E85. However, since these are detrimental to most engines and components, especially those used in small engine equipment like lawnmowers, weed whackers, and chainsaws, some stations offer ethanol-free gas, which is not susceptible to the problems associated with using ethanol-gasoline blends.

Why Choose Ethanol-Free Gas?

Choosing ethanol-free gas offers you the following benefits:

1.       Better mileage

A vehicle that consumes less fuel over a given distance is essential because it helps you save significant amounts in the long run. Besides, using a car with a better fuel economy lowers emissions, cuts overall national oil and oil imports dependence, and benefits the environment. Ethanol compromises fuel efficiency and prevents you from enjoying all these advantages. In fact, according to professionals, the ethanol content in E10 and E15 fuel blends cuts gas mileage by approximately 5%. Fortunately, pure gas has better mileage. Therefore, choosing ethanol-free gas is the best way to improve fuel efficiency and reap all the accompanying benefits.

2.       Reduced part damages

According to a recent article on The Ellsworth American, ethanol blends significantly damage small engines. That is why experts such as boatyard and marine engine dealers caution against using this type of fuel. According to them, ethanol-gas blends damage engine parts, cause complete motor failures, and destroy rubber parts that the engine's fuel system needs to operate seamlessly. In automobiles, ethanol ruins fuel intake components and compromises the fuel pump. If you want to avoid all these issues and costly repairs and replacements, go with ethanol-free gasoline.

3.       Longevity

Ethanol-free gasoline has a longer shelf-life than most ethanol-gasoline blends. And you can improve this fuel's lifespan by storing it in a non-spill container approved for fuel storage. The container should be airtight, completely sealed, and kept out of direct sunlight's reach. If you use these hacks, expect your ethanol-free gas to last for a long time, even when it's outside the pump.

For more information, contact an ethanol-free gas provider near you.

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