What Do You Need to Do After an Auto Glass Replacement?

Getting a crack or a chip in your windshield can happen at the most inopportune time, leaving you in a bind as you try to get the problem fixed without being late to work. Mobile windshield repair services are available to help in these situations because they can come to your location to take care of your auto glass replacement needs without you having to miss your scheduled meetings or daily commitments. To best take care of your new auto glass replacement, here are a few tips to remember.

Be Gentle With Doors

Opening and slamming your doors on your car might be a habit you are used to doing, but you need to be extra careful with your auto glass replacement that you do not slam the doors. Being gentle will help make sure the glass does not shift and settle in the wrong spot on your vehicle. Auto glass replacement services will tell you that you can still use your car as normal, with a few exceptions such as being careful to not close the doors too hard for a designated amount of time.

Avoid Car Washes

Going to a powered car wash right after you have auto glass replacement services is not the best idea because the adhesive used to install your new windshield needs several days to completely dry. If you must wash your vehicle before the 1–2 day wait period is over, be sure to do a gentle hand wash and never use a powerful water hose or pressure washer. 

Drive on Safe Roads

As much as you are able, make sure to avoid bumpy roads with a lot of potholes and gravel roads. If you have to drive on roads with these conditions, make sure you drive slowly so you do not make your auto glass replacement come out of the desired place. Taking an alternate route will be the best way to protect your vehicle and your investment in a new windshield. 

Leave the Tape

So many people get into their vehicles following auto glass replacement services and feel the need to immediately rip the tape off of the inside of their car. The tape is there to help hold the windshield in the desired spot as the adhesive dries, and taking it off before it is completely dry can cause a number of problems for you. Even though it might be an eyesore, try to leave the tape alone until 1–2 days after your auto glass replacement is completed. 

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